Nasralla speech on Ashura day

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in live televised speech on Ashura:

“We learned from Imam Hussein at Karbala to hold fast to the truth and not abandon it. It is possible for one to concede personal rights, but no one can concede the rights of the Islamic community and its sacred affairs. No one has the authority to concede a single grain of soil, nor a drop of water, nor any part of our holy places. Palestine and Jerusalem are the truth of this age. This can only end with the return of Jerusalem to this community. We will not recognize Israel and we will not abandon a single inch of our land. Yesterday the Arab League met and said that talks with Israel are a waste of time – they are late in discovering this. Come [join us] on the road and choice of Resistance.

These threats do not frighten us or detract from our will. The time in which you frightened us is over. The Israel that threatened the Resistance was defeated in 1996, 2000, and July 2006, and this psychological war that you are waging is failing and cannot affect us.

We affirm our commitment to Lebanon and our national unity and declare our rejection of any strife among the Lebanese, especially between Sunni and Shia. In all the trials of past years, we did not resort to sectarian discourse because we consider that whoever resorts to such speech is weak. We must cut off the road to all conspiracies and [rise above] these threats.

We have talked about the so-called international tribunal and the so-called indictment enough. Today we will summarize: we reject any unjust accusation. We will overthrow the goals of this accusation as we have [already] overthrown part of it, and we will protect the Resistance and our country. I tell you that the conspiracy of the international tribunal blow away with the wind, just like all the past conspiracies. We will remain in the positions of jihad, working for the dignity of our community and our nation in order to protect this people from all these threats that surround us.”


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