No hidden missiles in Lebanon: UN

Amid repeated Israeli allegations about the existence of long-range missiles in southern Lebanon, UN peacekeepers in the area say no evidence has been found to prove the claim.

Speaking to Jerusalem Post on Friday, Commander General of UN Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) Alberto Asarta Cuevas rejected the allegation, saying there was no evidence of long-range missiles in the area.

“We have not found evidence of any new military infrastructure in this area,” he said.

The confirmation comes as earlier last month, the UNIFIL commander reaffirmed that the UN peacekeepers had found no long-rage artillery such as Scud missiles in southern Lebanon.

Cuevas also described the situation in Lebanon as more stable compared to the situation therein before Israel launched its war on the country in 2006.

About 1,200 Lebanese, most of them civilians, were killed in the 2006 conflict, in which Israel suffered a defeat and was forced to withdraw from Lebanon after 33 days without achieving any of its objectives.

Israel, which has violated the Lebanese airspace on numerous occasions, accuses Syria of supplying Hezbollah with Russian-made Scud missiles.

Meanwhile, Damascus and Beirut along with Hezbollah have dismissed the allegation, saying Israel is using the claim as a pretext to launch another war against Lebanon.


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