UNIFIL filing complaints against Israeli violations

UNIFIL spokesperson Neeraj Singh issued a statement on Thursday that the peacekeeping forces are filing a complaint to the Israeli army about Tel Aviv’s violations of Lebanon’s airspace.

UNIFIL is demanding an immediate end to the violations, Singh added.

He added that the peacekeeping forces are also submitting reports on the violations to the UN Security Council. According to Singh, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addressed the issue with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak during their last meeting.

Israeli flights over Lebanon are not only a recurrent violation to UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and the country’s sovereignty, but they also increase fears and impede UNIFIL’s goal to reduce tension in the South.

The UNIFIL spokesperson added that Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace have increased during the past weeks.

Singh commented on the Israeli threats to Lebanon, saying that the situation in South Lebanon is calm. He added that all concerned parties are cooperating with UNIFIL in accordance with Resolution 1701.

“The continuous commitment of all parties to Resolution 1701 and their cooperation with UNIFIL will the prevent renewal of aggressive acts,” he said.

Singh also touched on the issue of Israel’s withdrawal from the  northern part of the Ghajar Village, saying than agreement over UNIFIL’s proposal would facilitate the implementation of Resolution 1701.

This, in turn, would help reinstate trust in the region, the UN spokesperson added.


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